The simplicity, and difficulty, of letting go in the Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts

The theme of letting go, and the expansion and contraction of the spine, continued on Day 2 of the International Program at the Centre in Orangeville. We first explored this with the chanting of the Diamond Sutra and then through the toryu, and the moves of Brush Knee and Deflect Parry Punch.

Participants were also encouraged to identify and engage with the danyu and toryu through the early moves of Lok Hup Ba Fa, highlighting the continuity between the Lok Hup and the Taoist Tai Chi, and the primacy of feeling rather than form.

While more experienced practitioners stood to the outer edges, in order to support those new to Lok Hup, it was noted those who had done Lok Hup longer would have more attachmentto the form and face a greater challenge in letting go.


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