The benefits of Taoist Tai Chi®️ practice extend well beyond the physical

For today’s blog post we bring you two testimonials from participants of the International Program this week.

Pat, Ottawa 
Thanks to the Taoist Tai Chi®️ practice over these last weeks, I am finding a great deal more ease in my all my movements.  As many practitioners will be aware, these changes have gone far beyond the physical.

I am finding myself more at ease in all my interactions with others, as well as a flow to tasks that I would have considered to be a chore prior to this week.  I listen more to what people are saying and my contributions to conversations seem to come more naturally.  Thanks to my time here at the International Centre in Orangeville and the intention of letting go, I have found more patience with myself.  What better gift could there be from a Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts program!

Collette, Montréal 
It has been a few years since I had surgery for a brain tumor. Following the operations, I had sequelae (side effects) such as facial paralysis and paralysis of the right arm.

The Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts helped me to recover from these operations in terms of mobility, balance and more particularly my autonomy. Letting go, one of the principles we have explored in this workshop, allows me to avoid the numbness that I regularly experience in my right arm. This is a great discovery for me and one more tool I will be able to use every day.

I joined the Taoist Tai Chi Society twenty years ago simply because the movements looked so beautiful.  I had no clue then how much the practice of these arts, that now operate under the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, would be such a valuable long-term investment for my health.

Voilà quelques années que j’ai été opérée d’une tumeur au cerveau. Suite aux opérations, j’ai eu des séquelles telle qu’une paralysie faciale et du bras droit. Le Tai Chi Taoïste m’a beaucoup aidée pour récupérer de ces opérations au niveau de ma mobilité, de mon équilibre et surtout quant à mon autonomie.

Le lâcher prise, l’un des principes que nous explorons dans cet atelier me permet d’éviter des engourdissements que j’ai régulièrement dans mon bras droit. Cette belle découverte pour moi est un outil de plus que je vais pouvoir utiliser au quotidien.

J’ai commencé le Tai chi Taoïste il y a une vingtaine d’années tout simplement parce que je trouvais ça beau. Je n’avais en aucun cas imaginé à quel point la pratique de ces arts était un investissement à long terme pour ma santé.

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