Snow and Singing for Seniors Day in Ottawa

In spite of our first heavy snowfall of the year, many participants and guests attended the Seniors’ afternoon tea at the Ottawa Branch Centre.
Our participants brought home-made sweets which were very much appreciated by everyone. Two talented musician participants entertained us with lively music and had us singing along with an original don-yu song.

We viewed a short segment of a video on how Tai Chi Helps Prevent Falls, presented by Crispin Barker, a physiotherapist and participant from Great Britain.

The Seniors’ Committee did the first four moves of the set, three times, so that our invited guests could join in and experience the Taoist Tai Chi® arts as beginners.
All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon, especially as we looked out on the snow that continued to fall outside.

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  1. Marjorie Kildare says:

    I look forward to a class here in Halifax and also to receive your news. Thanks!

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