Seniors’ Day In the Atlantic Region, November, 2019

The Atlantic Region Seniors’ Day was celebrated during the week of November 4th – 8th, 2019.  A variety of activities were held.

Church halls and community centres all through the Region were bustling with excitement to welcome our invited seniors.

In all, the Atlantic Region hosted 170 seniors.  As many of our senior guests arrived, they were quiet and shy, and not sure what to expect. As we proceeded with our demos, explanations of the health benefits, told them of the history of Master Moy Lin-shin’s work and presented from-

the-heart testimonials, our guests watched and listened intently, and relaxed. Some were willing to join us on the floor.  At our breaks we served hot tea and homemade goodies.

Some of our visiting seniors have already signed up to attend classes. We are looking forward to hearing from even more of them because of the interest shown at the end of the Seniors’ Day celebrations in many of our locations.

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