Seniors Day 2018 Celebrations in Western Region

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International Seniors Day 2018 was celebrated in many ways on different days across Western Region.

On November 7th, the regular morning continuing class in Grande Prairie met at Points West Living, a local senior residence, to share the health benefits of our tai chi practice.

Edmonton celebrated with an Open House and was thrilled to see 66 people attend. Regular participants shared their health testimonials and demonstrated the set with emphasis on drop elbows and finding the Dan-yu and Tor-yu in the moves. A High Tea and Luncheon of scones, fancy sandwiches and desserts were prepared and served by volunteers. This was followed by a viewing of the ISD video from 2017 and videos from the Grand Opening of our second International Center in Florida.

Calgary also held an Open House with 50 in attendance including invited guests and many new to our organization. Everyone enjoyed the pot-luck lunch provided by regular participants. A presentation on the health benefits, together with an opportunity to try a few moves, was welcomed by all.

On November 9th, Regina held a Seniors’ Open House and Information Session offering an interactive demonstration, Tea and Treats, and health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi arts®.

Red Deer branch celebrated Seniors with a Tea and Demo November 13th. Guests from a local senior residence and a participant’s Sigma Beta Phi group joined in an active, fun-filled introduction to Taoist Tai Chi® with regular participants. Tea and treats were enjoyed by all.

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