Preparing for the Seniors’ Workshop on Center-Do-Day in Helmond, Netherlands

The day started off with a continuing class. We deepened our understanding of the danyu and applied our practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts in appear to close entrance and cross hands.  About 30 people enjoyed delicious tray-baked chicken for lunch.

IMG_2068Taoist Tai Chi Helmond Netherlands


The market stall with cuttings and seedlings was a meeting place throughout the day. This fundraiser was a great success. Many plants were bought. Proceeds will go to the Fenway Project.



The afternoon was spent preparing the center for the coming Seniors’ Week workshop. A list of tasks was made in advance. There was something to do for everybody.

IMG_2075Taoist Tai Chi Helmond Netherlands



During tea break we were treated to a dance and magic act.

Taoist Tai Chi Helmond Netherlands

Around 4 pm everybody went home after a very satisfying day.


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