Pacific Region Pain Relief Program

The Pacific Region – Surrey Branch hosted a Pain Relief through Taoist Tai Chi® arts Program June 9-14 with over 100 people attending.

Settled in and well fed, we gathered for our first session Monday morning for a long day of quite vigorous training. By the end of that day, tired and sore, we tumbled into bed. Sometime after lunch on Tuesday I experienced a real letting go, and not worrying. It was amazing to experience relief from pain as I continued to work at moving gently, turning from the spine. As the week progressed, so did my learning.

Participating in chanting each morning cleared my lungs and improved my concentration. Working on Tor-yu, Dan-yu and sequences from the set with the whole group and small groups allowed my body to feel the relaxation.

Patience was exhibited all around me as we received instruction, listened to others and watched. Thank you to the organizers, our program leaders, and all who attended for making this a life changing event for me.
–Judy, Victoria Branch

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