Je suis d’érable (I am maple)

Collecting the Sap

After 13 yeblue sky linesars of practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts in Denmark, I finally had the opportunity to come to our center in Orangeville. I arrived on March 17th which was in the middle of the maple syrup season and Jesse, a resident volunteer who picked me up at the airport, was happy to tell me all about it. 

Even though I had read about the maple syrup project on The Tiger’s Mouth, I was surprised to see the scale of the operation with 400 maple trees being tapped and only a few volunteers to run it. Thus it was only natural to be a part of it and I received a very thorough instruction from Réal, another volunteer who has been helping during maple season every year since the project started four years ago. I learned how to finish the process with the final boil of the maple syrup, measuring the sugar content, sterilizing the bottles and filling them with golden, sweet maple syrup – though, a drop or two may have been lost in tasting.  The maple season has now ended and we broke a new record with 1,741 bottles of syrup.

It has truly been a great experience volunteering at the center and getting a better understanding of our society. I will definitely be back.


Bottling 2 (small)

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  1. george spaulding says:

    Hi! thanks for sharing! i’m a member of the New Glasgow, Nova Scotia club, and have been practicing Taoist Tai Chi for about eight years. definitely something i’ll be doing for life! enjoy the articles! love maple syrup! so many things it can be used for!

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