Humility in our Taoist Tai Chi®️ Practice

Day 1 of the International Program at the Centre in Orangeville began with an invitation to be humble in our Taoist Tai Chi® arts training in order to learn.

The participants are a mix of those continuing on from CIT week and others just joining us for this week’s program; the week ahead will either be a review from CIT week or a catch up.

It was a pleasure to enjoy the warm spring sunshine with our first set taking place on the deck.  This was followed by work on the dropping in the toryu with a focus on the feeling rather than the form.  The discussion of the heart intention added depth to the concept of letting go.

The spirit and the culture of working together developed through our training and practised over the last week is evident in how smoothly tasks are being managed and completed.  As we work to connect our body we are also connected with others.  We look forward to seeing what comes next.

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