Holiday Banquet in Richmond Hill: A Warm Festive Evening

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The clear cold weather favoured our trip to our Holiday Banquet at the Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine restaurant in Richmond Hill, on December 5th. Over 240 people, including participants, friends, family, chanters, invited guests and politicians, were welcomed into a bright, festive, sparkling room.

We received greetings from invited guests, elected politicians or their representatives from federal, provincial and municipal levels of government throughout the banquet. Marsha Eberhardt reminded us that the greatest gift of all was the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. John Balinski gave an inspired recap of the Grand Opening of the International Center in Dunedin, Florida.

There were lively conversations around the tables, connecting with old and new friends as the meal progressed. It was a multi-course meal of excellent quality, presentation and service.

Two participants gave us personal testimonials to the tremendous and sometimes unexpected health benefits of practicing the Taoist arts.

As always there were delightful musical interludes by some of our many talented musicians and a surprise visit from Mr. Claus.

It was a warm, full evening with family and friends.

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  1. Karen Fitzgerald says:

    Looks like some very enthusiastic singing by the directors! Very festive time at lots of locations!

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