Hello From Florida

Hello From Florida,
Many of you are watching Hurricane Irma’s visit to Florida.
From what we hear and know at this time, everyone is in a safe spot and making it through the current state of Irma as she travels up the state of Florida.
  Many people have already or are now evacuating to safer areas.
Some are travelling outside Florida to family, friends and other “TTCS Family”, while others simply moved to safer locations locally. Some are in safe places in their own home.
All branches in Florida have been in some type of communication with each other, sharing news and sharing and appreciating the many good thoughts and prayers sent from you,  our Taoist Tai Chi® arts family,  around the world. Thank You. 

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3 Responses

  1. Steve and Laura says:

    Our thoughts are with our friends in Florida. Be safe. We hope for a good outcome for all.

    Steve and Laura Seiffert

  2. Mary Biddulph says:

    So thinking of all of you!!! Stay safe everyone!

  3. Dana Roberts says:

    We were particularly heartened by the news that the FLK Taoist Tai Chi family in various places far and wide were chanting and holding good thoughts for those in peril. Thank you for that.

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