Edmonton Regional Program – a Fun Filled Day of Activities

The morning began with an enthusiastic group chanting the Ten Thousand Bhudhas Sutra. Two first-timers handled the fish and gong.  Many exclaimed it was a most relaxing chanting session.

For the remainder of the morning we practiced foundations including many Dan-yu and Tor-yu.   We then welcomed the public for an Open House. Wow! There was a great turn out of people who were introduced to the organization and the first few moves of the Taoist Tai Chi® set.  Joining the program participants, our guests did the first 17 moves. Everyone moved seamlessly and harmoniously. One of the guests said it was very relaxing.  Some of the newer participants shared how their practice had helped to find balance. Everyone then enjoyed a delicious Jai Lunch.

In the afternoon we continued to explore more expansion, contraction, spine turning and heavy elbows by practicing brush knees and monkeys.

Following the tradition of “Feed the Homeless” at D’Arcy Street, we ended the day by preparing a delicious meal to share with the hungry and homeless in our community.

It was a full day of activities that allowed us to experience many pieces of our Taoist Tai Chi® practice.  As a program leader commented “It is not just the Dan-yu or the moves, or the chanting or the Jai.  It is Everything!”

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