Czech Republic @ CIT Week

Third day of practice, meetings, fun, a lot of good food with some first class services such as excellent fresh croissants at breakfast and every day fresh homemade buns by Mr. Lam. And the pleasure to wake up in the morning in this wonderful place among nice and friendly people and to share with them practice, new instructions, observations, jobs and fun. We couldn’t ask for more.

3. den cviceni, meetinku, zabavy, hodne dobreho jidla s nekterymi luxusnimi sluzbami jako napr. cerstve upecenymi croissany ke snidani a cerstvymi domacimi sladkymi bochanky, ktere kazdy den pro nas pripravuje Mr. Lam.
A je to radost vstavat kazde rano v tomto uzasnem prostredi mezi milymi a pratelskymi lidmi a s nimi sdilet cviceni, nove instrukce, postrehy, praci i zabavu. Co chtit vice?

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