Central Region Retreat at the Winnipeg Branch

On a beautiful Saturday in October, over 80 participants attended a one-day Central Region retreat to practice the Taoist Tai Chi® arts at the Winnipeg Branch Centre.

Prior to our Saturday session, the retreat leader met with Branch Council and instructors on Friday evening for discussions.


Our Saturday, instruction focused on placing our heels first in some moves and “steamrolling ” into the finish to help instil in us a sense of moving our bodies as one unit.  Tor-yus, emphasizing coiling of the arms and dropping were also reviewed.

Seven locations came together to share the tasks that contributed to a successful event. The potluck lunch was enjoyed by all.  Table set up, food placement and clean-up resulted in a most delicious, varied meal where many were able to make new acquaintances and renew friendships.

Through discussions during the retreat, we were encouraged to support Master Moy’s aim of making the Taoist Tai Chi® arts available to all. By supporting Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism through our dedication to improving our own understanding of the arts, and through donations we can help promote good health of mind, body and spirit to others.

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