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Final Day of International Workshop in Helmond, Netherlands

Breakfast was early this last day of the workshop so that we had lots of time to practice.  We consolidated everything we had learned the first four days. And to … Read more…

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Testimonials from International Workshop in Helmond, Netherlands

Today we heard several stories. One of the members has radiation pain from the shoulder to the arm. She told us that she went to the doctor the day before … Read more…

Taoist Tai Chi Helmond 0

International Workshop in Helmond, Netherlands

  There are 90 participants from 12 countries who have come to Helmond to practise Taoist Tai Chi® arts and to do other activities together, like weeding, dishwashing and chopping … Read more…

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Shifting to Balance — May Health Recovery Week at International Centre in Orangeville, Ontario

“Keep it simple”, says Frazer Smith as he leads 31 participants at the May Health Recovery program at the International Centre in Orangeville.  “Up, up, …” go the participants as … Read more…

Intensive in Portland, Oregon 0

Intensive in Portland, Oregon

The Portland Branch was thrilled and deeply grateful to have Marsha Eberhardt stop over in Portland to conduct an intensive following her weekend workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Even though the … Read more…

Taoist Tai Chi Adelaide, Australia 0

National Instructors’ Workshop in Adelaide, Australia

There were 82 participants from around Australia who gathered in Adelaide the first weekend in May for a national instructors’ workshop to explore substance and sensitivity.  Some participants had only … Read more…


Sword Workshop at International Centre, Orangeville

It has been a real privilege to attend the tai chi sword workshop here at the International Centre near Orangeville, Canada. Our instructor (and chef!) Blaise Baillargeon led us through … Read more…

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Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Grande Prairie, Alberta

  Grande Prairie, Alberta is the home of Fung Loy Kok’s most northern branch in Canada. There we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a regional program and banquet on … Read more…

05 Apr 17, Lok Hup Workshop - Edinburgh, GB 1

Lok Hup Workshop Ends in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Workshops provide opportunities for cultural exchange.  Workshop leader Sean Dennison shared his experience of Master Moy’s teachings.  During a lunchtime meeting we discussed the forthcoming health questionnaire.  

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