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It’s the Natural Way

It’s the natural way. This was our motto at the International Workshop in Budapest in 17-18 September.  With Carmen Capilla’s lead there were 170 members enjoying the benefits of Taoist … Read more…

‘What are you working on?’ 0

‘What are you working on?’

Day One of the five-day International Program being held at the International Centre Florida brought enthusiastic participants working on our foundation exercises with special emphasis today on finding the tor-yu … Read more…


Intensive in Frankfurt, Germany

Am letzen Samstag (27.08.2016) hatten wir einen dreistündigen Unterricht (Intensive) in Frankfurt am Main. 22 Mitglieder aus Lüneburg, Kassel und Frankfurt folgten der Einladung. Bei Sonnenschein und noch erträglichen Temperaturen … Read more…

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Intensive in Dunedin

July 16th was an exciting day in Dunedin. There were 125 eager participants in attendance at our intensive led by Sean Dennison and Karen Laughlin. Karen, recently back from the Denver … Read more…


We’re connected!

The Cross-Canada Seniors Day video feed is underway, with different locations taking turns to lead the more than 1000 participants across the country in a different foundation move. We’re working … Read more…

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