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02 Sep 17, International Workshop - Edinburgh, GB 0

Finding Balance, Timing and Feeling at International Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland

The first international workshop after CIT (Continuing Instructor in Training) Week is a particularly friendly and intimate event. Participants have been practising a potent mixture of foundation exercises and moves … Read more…

01 Sep 17, Awareness Day display at The Mound - Edinburgh, GB 0

Awareness Day Display in Edinburgh, Great Britain

For the second of TTCS Great Britain’s Awareness Day displays this year members from around the Scottish region were joined by early arrivals for the two-day international workshop. We did … Read more…

05 Apr 17, Lok Hup Workshop - Edinburgh, GB 1

Lok Hup Workshop Ends in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Workshops provide opportunities for cultural exchange.  Workshop leader Sean Dennison shared his experience of Master Moy’s teachings.  During a lunchtime meeting we discussed the forthcoming health questionnaire.  

03 Sep 16, International Workshop - Edinburgh, GB 0

Weight Shifting – Enjoying the Edinburgh International Workshop

Under Carmen Capilla’s watchful eye and gentle instruction the International Workshop in Edinburgh, 03-04 September, managed to pack in quite a lot into two days.   Starting to put out … Read more…

Edinburgh, 18 Jun 16 - Beginner's Weekend 0

Three Beginner Weekends in Great Britain

The weekend of 18-19 June saw three beginner weekends occurring, in Cambridge, Colchester and Edinburgh. Over 200 people appeared to learn and practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts in these three locations. … Read more…

Taoist Tai Chi Edinburgh 0

International Workshop Comes to a Close in Edinburgh, Scotland

After a week of instruction covering the early part of the set, the International Workshop in Edinburgh approaches its end.  Here are today’s volunteers and the kitchen crew for the … Read more…


Saturday Morning at International Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland

On Saturday morning there are new arrivals who join the International Workshop in Edinburgh to practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts.   The food chopping team increases production.  The practice floor … Read more…

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