Calgary Celebrates the Season with European Flair!

Dressed in Christmas sweaters and casual holiday attire, friends, family and children came together to celebrate the season in the warmth of community at the Calgary Branch on December 1st.

The luncheon was sold out, filling a beautifully decorated practice hall including not one, but two Christmas trees. Participants decorated the trees and filled baskets with items of clothing, boots and gift bags to be donated to Inn From The Cold, a Calgary family street shelter.

A team of volunteers, wearing red tai chi shirts, seamlessly offered an appetizer as we arrived. Table centre pieces of braided bread surrounded by tiny acorn trees beckoned us to the meal. Dishes of Polish sausage, vegan Borscht, Holubtsi and perogies ensured everyone was well fed by a group of dedicated kitchen volunteers and head chef! During the meal, we reminisced of our years together and excited to celebrate the 40th year of Taoist Tai Chi® at Calgary Branch in 2019.

After the wide variety of desserts was had, we sang Christmas carols with piano accompaniment offered by a member of the branch.

We closed the event moving as one as we took down the tables, rolled up the tablecloths, put away chairs and washed dishes.

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As everyone wandered out the door into lightly falling snow, there was a feeling of harmony, ease and kindness.

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