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Taoist Tai Chi Bayswater, Australia 0

International Program Report from Bayswater, Australia

From October 11-15 Tony Kwong led a five-day international program where participants learned about the unity of opposites and the power of letting go. Hungry participants filled the tables for dinner … Read more…

Taoist Tai Chi Adelaide, Australia 0

National Instructors’ Workshop in Adelaide, Australia

There were 82 participants from around Australia who gathered in Adelaide the first weekend in May for a national instructors’ workshop to explore substance and sensitivity.  Some participants had only … Read more…

Taoist Tai Chi Australia 0

International Workshop and Intensives in Perth, Australia

What an amazing opportunity to immerse ourselves in the teachings.   Marsha Eberhardt, President of FLK, visited Perth, Australia recently to lead an international workshop and a series of international intensives … Read more…

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