A Toast To Your Health at the Vancouver Banquet and National Program

On March 30 and 31, the Vancouver Branch hosted our annual To Your Health Banquet and National Program led by Andrew Hung. Andrew helped over 160 participants to pay attention to how we practice so we don’t just do the same old thing over and over. As we focus on expanding, contracting and using the spine, we will want to keep doing it so we can be forever young.
On Saturday evening we quickly converted our practice hall into a glittering banquet hall for our annual To Your Health Banquet. A total of 225 people, including elected officials and other special guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal, complete with music, laughter, special greetings and a testimonial, all in honour of the many benefits of Taoist Tai Chi® practice.
“I have an overall feeling of wellness in body and mind.”
        ~Monty, Vancouver, BC
“My arm was pain free after the first day of the workshop!”
        ~Katie, Vancouver, BC
“My back pain is gone.”
~Mac, Vancouver, BC

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