A note from the chef…


Thanks to all who participated in the cooking in Florida the past 2 weeks. It was hard work, but a job well done!

Its hard to believe but we served over 2000 meals during two workshops.  Thanks to our local kitchen friends for catering us lunch on Saturday from Home Plate, and our favourite local Walt with his famous BBQ on Sunday, our kitchen staff had a holiday on both days to join in on our Recreational/ Tourist weekend.

The weather was great for cooking outside in our lovely courtyard as we listened to the birds chirp, and watched the lizards climbing in the trees! Looking forward to seeing more folks down there in January.

Lets cook up another storm at the International Centre in Florida for our Hsing-i weekend followed by CRW week and Chinese New Year Banquet! See you soon!

– Blaise.

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3 responses

  1. Marsha Eberhardt says:

    thank you, it was amazing. Marsha

  2. Andrew says:

    Thank you Blaise!

  3. Sheila Durrant says:

    Great food and great Tai Chi. Thanks to all who helped. It was great to find such different and delicious food for every meal. Looking forward to January.

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